Dennis Lewan Artist of Hidden Wonders

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Inspired by the old masters, Dennis relies on his extensive collection of references, accumulated over some twenty years, to capture the nostalgic lifestyle of the 18th and 19th centuries. Dennis paints with the object to provide the viewer with a glimpse of centuries past, sharing the beauty and serenity while executing the brilliant color-play and backlighting so traditional of those times. His most popular subjects are cottages, English manor houses, flower gardens and gazebos, stately Victorian homes, village streets and quaint neighborhoods.

Dennis has included elements of fantasy into his traditional works, in the form of hidden bears and angels, has added a new touch that has met wide acclaim amongst his collectors. Dennis adds to the enjoyment of his art by hiding these images in the clouds, bushes, trees and other parts of the surroundings...even the buildings themselves. His breath-taking paintings are sought after by art lovers everywhere.

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